Industry Mega-Poll to track development of Professional Indemnity insurance claims

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Press Release

Published: April 21, 2022

The Scaffolding Association is encouraging businesses and individuals from the scaffolding sector and wider construction industry to take part in the Construction Leadership Council’s survey on professional indemnity insurance.

Businesses and individuals from across the construction industry have reported significant increases in premiums for PI insurance over the past few years while levels of cover have been reducing. Some report no longer being able to secure cover.

The 1,000 firms that responded to the last survey on this subject a year ago, reported premium increases as high as four-fold at last renewal, having already doubled the year before and one in three were unable to buy the cover they wanted or needed.

Robert Candy, Chief Executive, Scaffolding Association said; “Professional Indemnity cover is critical, particularly to the scaffolding and access sector where the risks to businesses and individuals are greater than some other trades. However, to support the Construction Leadership Council with addressing this situation, we must all do our bit to help build up a robust and up to date evidence base which identifies the areas of industry facing most difficulty”.

The survey will be live until 29th April 2022 and industry-level details of the results will be published and used to inform ongoing work. 

Robert recently met with Lee Rowley MP, Minister for Business and Industry who is a co-chair for the Construction Industry Council, during which several other industry challenges were discussed such as skills and labour shortages.

For more information and to complete the survey click here.