Why join?

The Scaffolding Association sits at the heart of the scaffolding industry and we offer a range of benefits to our members. 

These benefits include money saving activities such as free advice on a number of issues, access to special rates through affinity services, and regulatory cost avoidance which will often cost a significant sum of money on the open market.

We are a voice within the sector and are able to represent all of our members at every level. We are working to provide clients, government and industry authorities with the peace of mind that they are getting a fully considered view of what is good for the sector. This is an extremely powerful asset for members and as our membership base grows so does our position within the industry.

We can uniquely offer a wide range of information and services in a range of formats. As we move forward this will include the collation of information to provide an industry wide statistical report service, or the management of a consumer code of conduct. 

We are in a position to offer specialist advice, particularly of a technical or legal and commercial nature, which are not necessarily readily available to SMEs.

We will be undertaking specific projects which will benefit our members and the industry as a whole, and members have the opportunity to become involved first hand and influence the outcome of these projects.

We facilitate the opportunity for members to network with their peers at Conferences, Exhibitions and other events whilst they are learning about issues which may affect their business.

We provide regular updates regarding changes in industry technical standards, policy and news which we disseminate to members with advice on how to deal with the issues which may be encountered as a result.

We offer commercial benefits through negotiated deals with approved suppliers which members may wish to utilise. This includes preferential rates for insurance and health and safety services.

Enhancement of a company’s reputation often follows joining of The Scaffolding Association, because membership of an industry association is seen as a badge of quality.