Membership levels

At the centre of our membership criteria is the commitment to maintaining standards which are built around ensuring that our members have the right skills and resources to carry out contracts in a planned and controlled manner.

Membership of the association demonstrates that a member operates to an industry recognised standard and has the necessary resources to undertake contracts safely.

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Associate Membership

We believe that all companies within the scaffolding industry should have access to an organisation which will provide them with guidance and support, irrespective of their levels of competence or development. There is no assessment process for this level of membership, the requirements for this membership are:

  • A Completed Membership Form
  • Signed Commitment to The Scaffolding Association Code of Conduct

An annual membership fee is £360 + VAT (£432 inc VAT)

Please note that contractors who hold a SSIP Certificate are no longer eligable to join at this level and will be required to join at Assessed Level.

Assessed Membership

We have developed an additional level of membership in order to recognise those companies who hold a current SSIP Scheme Certificate. The entry requirements for this level of membership include:

  • Completed Membership Form
  • 2 Trade References
  • Current SSIP Scheme Certificate
  • Current and Relevant Insurance
  • Signed Commitment to The Scaffolding Association Code of Conduct
  • Certificate of Incorporation (where applicable)

The annual membership fee is £540 + VAT (£648 inc VAT)

Audited Membership

Audited Membership is The Scaffolding Association’s third level of membership, which has been developed in line with PAS91 specifically for scaffolding contractors. It offers an independent third party audit, against a scaffolding specific procurement standard.

Audited Membership fees are £1020 + VAT (£1224 inc VAT)

For those wishing to upgrade we will calculate your fee on a pro-rata basis (calculated on what you have paid for your existing membership). This Membership Fee is non-refundable.

TWO STAGE AUDIT PROCESS: Auditing fees are £1450 + VAT

Stage 1 Desktop: Remote review of documentation, including policies and procedures, training records and incident reporting system against a Scaffolding Specific Procurement Standard to establish compliance

Stage 2 Onsite: Verification of the documentation implementation onsite against the Scaffolding Specific Procurement Standard