About Us

An introduction from our Chief Executive Robert Candy…

I started the Scaffolding Association in 2011 with the intention of creating an open and inclusive organisation that would provide unbiased support to businesses operating in the scaffolding and access sector.

Since then we have made considerable progress with our strategic campaign to raise safety standards, strengthen skills training, improve the levels of scaffolding competence and extend our independent audit process to protect product and service quality.

Our membership growth demonstrates that we’re creating a business framework that allows scaffolding contractors of all sizes to deliver professional services while improving the safety, and competitive nature, of the whole industry.

Robert Candy

The Audited Membership category has been developed in line with The Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 03/23 which stipulates using the health and safety question sets contained in both the Common Assessment Standard and PAS91 specifically to demonstrate that scaffolding contractors operate to the highest standards. It offers an independent third party audit, against a scaffolding-specific procurement standard. This move has been welcomed by house builders, local authorities and major contractors who now see the benefit of our members on their tender lists and construction sites.

The health and well-being of the workforce is our number one priority. Our vision is one of workplaces that are incident- and injury-free, where everyone returns home safely. The Association continues work with designers, clients and other industry stakeholders to achieve this. The Association also meets regularly with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to learn from incidents and to work together across the industry to produce policies and procedures that benefit everyone. Safety alerts and standards have been prepared with the HSE covering a range of issues including edge protection and loading bay gates.

Training provision and the setting out of best practice is one of the key strategic aims of the Association. We are creating a central hub of knowledge for the whole industry, and we’re committed to leading the way in the provision of world class training in the use of scaffolding.

Our members represent a significant percentage of the sector’s capacity and our aim has always been to aid companies in expanding their services and capabilities safely and efficiently. By having such a broad range of members that include clients, erectors, designers, and health and safety professionals, we have been able to assist in creating new opportunities that allow our members to leverage greater value and standards in the scaffolding industry.


Robert Candy

Chief Executive