Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Scaffolding Association strives to continuously improve competence and minimise risk across the industry, by:

  • Supporting the whole of the industry through a competence based accreditation scheme, in line with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

  • Collaborating with procurement partners and other interested parties to ensure that the right information is available to enable the safe commissioning of scaffolding projects

  • Providing accessible, robust technical guidance for scaffolders and their clients

  • Encouraging high standards of training and competence across the industry

  • Ensuring that technical information and guidance is available to all
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The Scaffolding Association has the following objectives:

  • To protect and encourage quality and fair competition in the marketplace through a competence based accreditation scheme

  • To promote quality and training through category-specific accreditations

  • To provide clear guidance and training to procurement officers, principal contractors and site managers, enabling better decision making

  • To ensure scaffolding companies are only commissioned to undertake work for which they are fully qualified and competent

  • To help new and existing scaffolding companies expand their services through access to the appropriate information, training and support

  • To raise awareness of the essential role of scaffolding design and designers in improving standards and safety within the industry

  • Campaign for the introduction of compulsory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for the scaffolding industry

  • To be a representative body to put the views of the scaffolding industry to Government departments and agencies, Parliament, The European Commission and Parliament, and other relevant organisations

  • To be a research and statistical centre, to aggregate and publish statistics, and to provide analysis on scaffolding and other relevant market information

  • To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to scaffolding

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information

  • Engage and partner with relevant advisory and regulatory organisations and other trade associations to drive strategy and future direction of developments with the scaffolding industry
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